The Petite Côte/ Saly/ Senegal

The Petite Côte, which literally means the Little Coast, is a popular seaside resort in Senegal in West Africa. Located 80 km south of Dakar, it attracts many tourists, as well as the Senegalese, who often build holiday houses there. If you dream about basking on a golden beach under coconut palms, and at the same time want to discover small Senegalese villages and get to know the everyday life of the local people, this place will be perfect for your first trip to Western Africa! On the coast you will find multi-star hotels, all-inclusive offers, African bungalows with modern amenities, hostels and villas you can book on Airbnb. You will find accommodation for every budget there!


The Petite Côte 

There are several holiday resorts in the area. Recently I had the opportunity to visit Saly Portudal (called Saly for short), the most popular place. I stayed at the Royam Hotel which has a swimming pool, restaurant, mini gym and direct access to the beach. You will find many similar hotels there!

Craft Village 


Saly Portudal was initially a Portuguese trading post, hence the name comes from Portugal. In the north of the city you will find a craft village selling wooden African statuettes, colorful bracelets and necklaces, handbags, wax items, clothing, toys for children and interior decorations.

Fish market


Further south, in Mbour, you will see one of the largest fishing ports in Senegal and an enormous fish market that stretches for some 200 meters along the beach. This market has an unusual mix of fragrances and colors! Marching up the beach you will meet women preparing various species of fish. Interestingly, Senegalese coasts are among the most abundant for fishing on the entire African continent! During your stay in Senegal, you will undoubtedly taste many delicious fish dishes. In Mbour port, you will also come across a string of colorful pirogues that you can admire from the sea while taking a ride in your own. The port is very impressive and makes all the senses come alive, especially the sense of smell (I am sure you know what I mean 🙂 ). The only disadvantage is that the port is neglected and heavily littered. Don’t be surprised to find on the beach fish leftovers or plastic waste. This is a pity as the port has huge potential.

In addition, many other interesting attractions await you in the area of Saly! You will be able to:


– take a safari tour at one of the many nature reserves. The most popular is the Bandia reserve, where you can see various species of fauna and flora, and there is the Somone lagoon, a natural reserve in which you will encounter various species of birds, such as pelicans, herons and pink flamingos


– visit the seashell island of Joal-Fadiouth, located 30 km from Mbour and inhabited mainly by Christians (in Senegal, over 90% of the population profess to be Muslim). This is where a famous cemetery is located, where both the Muslim and Christian are buried


– go for a ride on a quad


So, do you feel like taking a trip in West Africa?

See you soon!


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